Ozone layer protection

Basic information

VNEEC has intensive experience in conducting surveys and sectoral analysis on Ozone Layer Protection and Energy Efficiency relevant sectors.

Notable projects   

The project “National HCFCs Data Survey in Refrigeration Sectors in Vietnam”, 2010: VNEEC has been contracted to implement the project that is financed by the World Bank and Multilateral Fund on ODS and coordinated by MONRE. The project conducted a HCFCs survey and energy efficiency in all sectors – commercial, industrial, and residential air-conditioning systems, and refrigeration sector including manufacturing and servicing sectors in Vietnam. It provided a comprehensive database on the actual HCFCs import, distributions and consumptions and then sketched out the scenarios for the future of HCFCs import and consumptions and GHG potential emission from energy efficiency activities in the above mentioned sectors in Vietnam.

HCFC Survey in Refrigeration and Air- Conditioning (RAC) Manufacturing and Servicing Sectors, the Foam and other Sectors for Overall Stage II HCFC Phase-out Management Plan Preparation (HPMP), 2015: VNEEC provided the full consultant service for this assignment. The project included collection and assembly of national and sector-level HCFC consumption data from enterprises in the RAC, the Foam and other Sectors for determining which sectors to be prioritized under the Stage II HPMP and preparing a data report for the HCFC consumption sectors together with recommendations for Stage II phase-out prioritization and strategy for the Government of Vietnam.

The National survey on HFCs and Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) Alternatives, 2016: VNEEC won the contract to implement the National Survey on inventory of HFCs and other ODS Alternatives in Vietnam that is jointly funded by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) and the Montreal Protocol Multilateral Funds via MONRE and the World Bank to conduct a national inventory of HFCs and ODS alternatives. The survey aims: i) to develop a national inventory of HFCs and other ODS alternatives that are imported, used and banked in Viet Nam; ii) to estimate current and projected levels of HFC and other ODS alternatives use and emission; and iii) to survey and report on the historical and predicted use of existing and new ODS alternatives, including low and high GWP alternatives and their distribution by sector and subsector.