The national survey on HFCs and Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) Alternatives




Project objectives
The objective of the Assignment is to develop a national inventory of HFCs that are imported, used and banked in Vietnam, to estimate current and projected levels of HFC use and emissions and to survey and report on the historical and predicted use of existing and new ODS alternatives, including low and high GWP alternatives and their distribution by sector and subsector.

World Bank

06/2016 – 03/2017


  • Identify and list possible ODS alternatives for all relevant sectors and subsectors that are common in most economies;
  • Survey of and data collection in sectors with possible HFCs and other ODS alternatives’ usage (including for servicing); data collection from importers/exporters (components, refrigerants, foam blowing agents, etc.), refrigerant distributors, relevant Government agencies, and industry associations.
  • Site visits (minimum of 20% in each sector as a representative sample) by technical experts;
  • Consultative workshops (2-3) and stakeholder consultations by technical experts;
  • Compilation of data and analysis, including comparative analysis with HCFC data;
  • Review of the institutional, regulatory and policy framework controlling ODS, GHGs and other air pollutants and HFC monitoring needs assessment;
  • Provide recommendations for establishing an HFC licensing and monitoring system;
  • Methodology for, and estimates of HFC emission data as well as accounting for emissions of other alternatives (hydrocarbons, etc.);
  • HCFC vs. HFC and key ODS alternatives (existing and new) growth projects in various sectors using BAU scenarios as well as scenarios based on HFC amendment proposals.

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