Development of a national cooling efficiency management plan




1. Description of Project

Overall, EE cooling management plans aim to integrate EE cooling into refrigerant phase-out plans including current HPMPs as well as other national energy and climate strategies and plans so that EE opportunities can be better linked to refrigerant work. EE cooling management plan development will serve as a platform to strengthen coordination between Government agencies mandated with EE and climate and ozone mitigation, as well as key stakeholders in the AC sector (manufacturers, standard-setting bodies, etc.) towards a common goal of transforming the market towards lower GWP, high EE AC while meeting international environmental goals and commitments.

The main objective of this assignment is to develop a fully-vetted, national energy efficient cooling management plan (so-called National Cooling Action Plan in this Assignment) that focuses on residential ACs in close coordination with the Government focal points for the overall K-CEP project, namely Department of Climate Change in the MONRE and Department of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development, MOIT. As the Consultant was informed during the Inception Phase, MOIT will be the lead agency for coordination of the overall cooling management plan, but in close coordination with MONRE.

2. Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Delineate the baseline and starting point, existing policy and regulatory framework, and national and sector strategies and plans related to EE and refrigerants across sectors, green growth, HCFC phase-out and others, focusing on residential ACs;
  • Conduct the desk review of cooling sectors and state of refrigerant and EE technologies;
  • Conduct consultative workshops and group/bilateral stakeholder consultations;
  • Conduct analysis and projections of RAC growth (volume, subsectors, technologies) based on expected cooling demand, demographics, economic and market development, and other country data/projections for the development of a strategy, with a focus on residential ACs;
  • Develop an action plan and roadmap with a 20-year trajectory that focuses on residential ACs with a commitment on eventually increasing the MEPS with a timetable; and
  • Propose potential, tailored financing and implementation approaches and business models for scale-up.

3. Name of Client:

World Bank

ExpertiseEnergy Efficiency, Green Growth

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