VNEEC and consulting joint venture completed NAMA cement project




Pilot Program of the Nordic Partnership Initiative on Capacity Building and Support to Develop National Action Plan to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions (NAMA) in the field of cement production In Viet Nam (called as NAMA Cement) was completed in June 2016.

The project, chaired by the Department of Science, Technology and Environment / Ministry of Construction, was implemented from 2014-2016 and the consulting firm implementing the project is a joint venture consisting of 05 consulting companies: NIRAS, South Pole, Perspectives, VNEEC and NIRAS-Vietnam (RCEE-NIRAS).

The project has developed a database of energy and greenhouse gas emissions for cement production in Viet Nam and identified the main components of the NAMA cement concept framework. The cement NAMA framework will include components such as baseline and mitigation options, set up the Monitoring, Reporting, Verification (MRV) system, legal and institutional framework, and how to organize talent Main implementation.

Under the cement NAMA framework, 12 major actions were identified in accordance with the national conditions under the “Technology and Best Practices” scenario. Proposed implementation since 2016. If these actions are implemented, the equivalent amount of CO2 is estimated to be reduced to 138-166 million tons by 2030. Investment costs to implement actions This is estimated at US $ 1.8 billion.

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