Successfully register the largest scale wind power plant project in Viet Nam




On December 13, 2012, the project “Bac Lieu Wind Power Plant” with a total capacity of 99.2 MW developed by VNEEC (Cong Ly Construction – Trading – Tourism Company Limited is the investor) Successful registration with the International Executive Board of CDM (EB).

This is the largest scale wind power plant project in Vietnam ever registered, the first wind power project in the Mekong Delta and the second wind power project in Vietnam (after the Project). Binh Thuan wind power, 30 MW) is registered as a CDM project. Currently, the project has completed the installation of phase 1 and prepares electricity for the grid.

As of December 13, 2012, VNEEC had 56 projects successfully registered with the EB, including 1 PoA project and 13 projects issued CER with a total of 435.695 CERs. VNEEC is currently the leading consultancy on the number of CERs issued in Vietnam (except for the Gas Recovery project in Rang Dong field)

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