Hoa Binh 1 Wind power project has been successful registered with Gold Standard




VNEEC is greatly to announce that Hoa Binh 1 Wind Power Project of PAG Group has completed the certification procedures following the Gold Standard on November 1, 2021. Thus, Hoa Binh 1 Wind Power Project has been approved and confirmed as a Gold Standard project with a GS ID of 10794.


This is the third wind power project in Viet Nam certified by Gold Standard and also the first wind power project in Viet Nam to have all procedures and register directly with Gold Standard, thereby project will directly generate GS VER credits.
By being certified as a Gold Standard project, besides having an additional revenue stream from GS VER credit transactions, the project is not only certified as a project with the highest level of environmental integrity but also contributes to the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through 3 criteria: SDG7 – SDG 8 and SDG 13.
This is an important criteria of enterprises in attracting more investment capital from abroad, especially through the stock market when it is recognized as a green stock.
All project details are available publicly on Gold Standard’s website at: https://registry.goldstandard.org/projects/details/2751

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