On October 11, 2023, within the framework of the Technical Assistance “Emission Trading System (ETS) Training and Simulation in Vietnam”, an internal training session on using simulation software for the ETS was conducted. The training session was facilitated by Mr. Josh Margolis, and attended by representatives from the Southeast Asia Energy Transition Partnership (ETP), managed by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), as well as experts from the Consortium, including Energy and Environment Consultancy Joint Stock Company (VNEEC), South Pole Carbon Asset Management (Switzerland), and Vietnam Technology Solutions Corporation (VETS).

One of the key activities of the Technical Assistance “ETS Training and Simulation in Vietnam” is to provide training courses on the emission trading system for relevant stakeholders, including policy planners and businesses in Vietnam. The recently conducted internal training session is one of the “Training assistants and lecturers” activities to guide experts of the Consortium to experience CarbonSim, a simulation tool for the emission trading market – a crucial tool for future ETS training courses. Subsequently, these experts will directly contribute to supporting training courses within the framework of Technical Assistance.

During the simulation, participants take on roles of market participants with specific emissions reduction targets. Players are required to make strategic decisions regarding the choice of emission reduction technologies, as well as participate in auctions and trading of emission allowances through auctions and exchange markets. The ultimate goal is to achieve the facility’s emission reduction target with minimal cost, which is also the goal that businesses need to achieve when participating in ETS in practice.

The training session has provided valuable insights, and in-depth knowledge, and ensured that experts involved in instructing activities in future simulations are equipped with sufficient simulation experience regarding the operation of the ETS, enabling them to support participants in official training courses in the future.

Technical Assistance for ETS Training and Simulation Pilot will organize training courses using simulation software to improve understanding of ETS, strengthen capacity and assist large emission sources, as well as related parties, in familiarizing themselves with the ETS regulations set by the government. The training and simulation program is comprehensively designed, comprising four training courses scheduled to take place in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in early 2024.

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