Training course “Updating the results and building a monitoring, reporting and verification system (MRV) for greenhouse gas emissions”




From 20 to 28 August 2013, at Sofitel Plaza Hanoi, VNEEC with international partners including Perspectives (Germany), South Pole (Switzerland) and Ricardo-AEA (United Kingdom) organized Training course “Updating the results and Building a Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System (MRV) for greenhouse gas emissions”.

The training course was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). Participants Training courses are policy makers, activists and negotiators from 19 different countries worldwide. The main purpose is to discuss solutions to enhance the progress of implementing global reduction targets of 20C.

The course applies high quality teaching methods and aims to exchange experiences between participants. Participants are directly involved in discussion sessions, exchanging experiences and sharing lessons learned. Through the eight days of the workshop, participants can gain useful knowledge from international experts invited to attend the Leading Institutions, Agencies such as the World Resources Institute (WRI), Ricardo. -AEA, Ecofys, Perspectives, South Pole, CAOS, Global Climate Change Consultant (GtripleC), Indian Institute of Energy and Resources (TERI), and GIZ.

The training is a good opportunity for students to establish relationships and create useful information channels. All members are highly appreciative of this training. Thereby, it can be asserted that understanding among different members is very important, leading to success in international negotiations and helping to strengthen mitigation activities suitable for countries around the world.

After the course, all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. The knowledge they gained from the course will be very helpful when they return to work in their country.

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