Final consultation workshop on “Development of a national cooling efficiency management plan”




On May 27, 2021, the Final Workshop on “Development of a national cooling efficiency management plan” had been successfully organized

The project “Development of a national cooling efficiency management plan” is sponsored by the World Bank (WB) and implemented by the Consortium including Energy and Environment Consulting Joint Stock Company (VNEEC) and Ecology and Environment Institute (EEI) from November 2019 to August 2021. This project is one of two components of Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP) AC Manufacturing Readiness Support to Vietnam.

This main objective of the project is to develop the National Cooling Action Plan (NCAP) to integrate increased energy efficiency (EE) in cooling sector into refrigerant phase-out plans being implemented with support from the Multilateral Fund for implementation of the Montreal Protocol, as well as other national strategies and plans on energy and climate.

This project is focused on room air-conditioners (RAC) and is implemented in close coordination with relevant government agencies including Department of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development (DEESD), Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and the Department of Climate Change (DCC), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE).

The Consortium has successfully implemented the Project and developed high-quality report covering the following activities:

• Collect and develop database, analyze and evaluate the market to understand the characteristics of the RAC market and establish a baseline to estimate the impact of proposed policy interventions;

• Identify and propose to establish Vietnam’s strategic linkages and interactions on EE, climate change and the Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS) phase-out;

• Evaluate the existing regulations and standards on EE for RAC to determine and propose a new minimum EE level (MEPS) and corresponding energy rating label (star rating);

• Identify needs and propose technical supports and capacity building for the domestic AC manufacturers to increase support and compliance with the new MEPS standard;

• Develop Action Plan to improve EE and ODS phase-out for RAC; and

• Propose financial and technological support policies and plans to promote the shift of the high efficiency RAC market towards more efficiency.

The Final Workshop presented the main project’s outcomes to representatives of ministries, sectors, AC manufacturers, research institutes and experts in refrigeration and AC sector. The main contents presented are as follow:

(i) Estimation of EE, refrigerants and high efficiency AC technology in Vietnam’s market. Energy saving and emission reduction of ODS scenarios for the RAC in Vietnam; and

(ii) Action Plan for implementation of the national cooling efficiency management with focus on RAC.

In the closing remark at the workshop, the representative of MOIT highly appreciated the results delivered by the Consortium as well as the effectively supported by the WB. Based on the results of the Project, MOIT and relevant agencies will consider and make recommendations on the MEPS improvement and ODS phase-out for RAC while limiting the negatively impacts on the competitiveness of domestic AC manufacturers and on consumers. At the same time, the Ministry also examines the roadmap on EE and conservation in cooling sector in order to integrated in the activities of the National Energy Efficiency Programme for the period of 2019 – 2030 (VNEEP 3).

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