Stakeholder Feedback Round for GS4GG Hoa Binh 2 Wind Power Project




Dear Stakeholders,

Cong ty TNHH Dau tu Dien gio Hoa Binh 2 is the project owner of Hoa Binh 2 Wind Power Project. The project activity involves the construction of 50 MW wind power plant in Vinh Thinh commune, Hoa Binh district, Bac Lieu province, Viet Nam. The project activity will generate renewable power with negligible GHG emissions, which will displace part of the electricity otherwise supplied by fossil fuel fired power plants.

The project owner is now cooperating with Energy and Environment Consultancy Joint Stock Company (VNEEC) and Swiss Carbon Value Ltd. in developing and registering the Gold Standard for the Global Goals (GS4GG) for Hoa Binh 2 Wind Power Project to generate high quality carbon credits. We are now conducting the Stakeholder Feedback Round as per GS4GG – Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement Requirements, Paragraph 6.1.4 and hereby invite your comments and feedback on the project.

You can download relevant documents of this project at the google drive link:

Please give your valuable comments and suggestions within 60 days from the published date of this invitation by sending an e-mail to project participants (,, with a copy marked to the Gold Standard ( You can also leave your comments on the Continuous Input / Grievance Expression Process Book it was introduced to you during the physical meeting.

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