Developing MRV plan and institutional framework for projects in the transport and energy sectors




On the morning of April 17, the Department of Climate Change, Asian Development Bank (ADB) with Energy and Environment Consultancy Joint Stock Company (VNEEC) as a consultant to organize the first consultation workshop on building construction of Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) project and institutional framework for energy and energy projects financed by Vietnam Clean Technology Fund.

The project “Integrating mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions in national infrastructure, energy and transport sectors within the Clean Technology Fund” is implemented with the consultant of VNEEC to support implementing agencies. Project and focal point of Clean Technology Fund (CTF) in Vietnam effectively implement solutions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in the energy and transport sector. The project workshop was held on March 14, 2019 in Hanoi.

Speaking at the workshop, Ms. Chu Thanh Huong, representative of the Department of Climate Change said that the transparency framework is one of the important contents of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Under Viet Nam’s plan to implement the Paris Agreement on climate change, it is necessary to establish an MRV system for mitigation activities at the national level; sectoral level in some areas. Therefore, the results of the project will contribute to the development of MRV at the sectoral and national level.

At the Consultation Workshop, Mr. Axel Michaelowa, Leader of project consultant team shared about international experience in developing MRV institutional framework for CTF projects and access principles. Accordingly, MRV are the main factors to ensure transparency, accuracy and ability to compare information on climate change mitigation options. The MRV system allows monitoring the results of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions at different levels such as national, sectoral and project level.

According to Axel Michaelowa, when developing MRV, the accuracy and quality of MRV system is very important. This is affected by the predictability of equipment operation, the cost of implementing MRV and the technical capacity of the operator.

Also at the workshop, participants experts present plans to design MRV institutional framework for funding CTF projects in the field of energy and transport; Financial indicators mobilized for CTF projects.

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