The PoA project for small and medium hydropower has been issued for the first time

On May 30, 2019, the PoA Project for Small and Medium Hydropower in Viet Nam developed and managed by the Energy and Environment Consulting Joint Stock Company (VNEEC), was approved by the International Executive Board of CDM (EB) approve and issue a very large number of CERs with 403,593 CERs.

The success of the PoA project has further contributed to strengthening the great value that the company has been on the way of development. Moreover, this is a great motivation for VNEEC to implement the next projects for renewable energy industry, such as solar energy. Currently, VNEEC has successfully registered and managed over 125 CDM projects, has been issued over 4,000,000 CERs and is currently a leading company in this field in Vietnam.

PoA project consultation meeting was organized by VNEEC