Successful registration for Quang Minh Solar Power Project under Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Quang Minh solar power project has been registered successfully as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) since 04 December 2019.

Quang Minh solar power project located in Village 9, Ea Wer commune, Buon Don district, Dak Lak province, Viet Nam and owned by Srepok Solar Power Joint Stock Company, involves the installation and operation the plant with peak capacity of 50 MW.

Environmental Consultancy Joint Stock Company (VNEEC) is responsible for developing and registering the Project as VCS as well as for issuing Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) under the VCS throughout the crediting period. The first crediting period is 10 years from 31/01/2019 to 30/01/2029.

This project activity generates clean form of electricity from solar energy source to replace part of the electricity otherwise supplied by grid connected fossil fuel fired power plants. Therefore, the project will contribute to reduce GHG emission and to meet the national sustainable development goals.