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VNEEC – Nhà tư vấn chuyên nghiệp về CDM và Năng lượng VNEEC – Nhà tư vấn chuyên nghiệp về CDM và Năng lượng

VNEEC – Nhà tư vấn chuyên nghiệp về CDM và Năng lượng VNEEC – Nhà tư vấn chuyên nghiệp về CDM và Năng lượng

VNEEC – Nhà tư vấn chuyên nghiệp về CDM và Năng lượng VNEEC – Nhà tư vấn chuyên nghiệp về CDM và Năng lượng

VNEEC – Nhà tư vấn chuyên nghiệp về CDM và Năng lượng VNEEC – Nhà tư vấn chuyên nghiệp về CDM và Năng lượng

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South Pole Group acquires Perenia

Zurich / Melbourne, May 2nd 2013, Consolidation in the carbon industry: Switzerland-based South Pole Group takes over Perenia, one of the leading carbon companies in Australia. This move underscores South Pole’s commitment to promote and provide services to the world’s upcoming carbon markets.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of this century, yet politicians around the world still struggle to agree to a comprehensive package of targets and measures to fight climate change at a global level. At the same time, several major economies around the world – including China, Australia or California – have stepped up domestic action, including the introduction of market-based Emissions Trading Schemes.

South Pole is one of the leading providers of services and expertise for the carbon markets around the world. South Pole has developed close to 300 projects under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism as well as the voluntary offset markets, among them cutting-edge programs such as the Global Water-Purification Platform. Through its network of 12 offices, most of them in emerging markets, South Pole is now at the forefront of creating and expanding carbon markets on a global scale.

The acquisition of Australia-based Perenia adds further projects, skills and expertise to the global team, for example through a new presence in Malaysia. “Joining up with Perenia reinforces South Pole’s position as a leading expert for global carbon markets. It allows us to serve emerging market-based approaches to fight climate change in even more countries”, says Patrick Bürgi, Director of New Carbon Markets at South Pole.

“This move also underscores our commitment to create value in the Australian carbon market, including its Carbon Farming Initiative. After the acquisition of Climate Friendly, the largest voluntary carbon player down under, the acquisition of Perenia now brings more than 50% of CDM projects with an Australian Letter of Approval to the South Pole Group”, says Renat Heuberger, CEO of South Pole.

Hand-over and manage Perenia’s Projects in Vietnam.

Energy and Environment Consultancy Joint Stock Company –VNEEC, representative of South Pole in Viet Nam – is responsible for receiving the hand-over of and managing all 14 CDM registered Perenia’s hydropower projects in Vietnam. With great experience in CDM project management and successful completion of the whole CDM cycle in Vietnam, the participation of VNEEC will ensure smooth hand-over of projects and bring about benefits to the projects as well as related parties.

Perenia’s projects list in Vietnam.


Project’s name

Project owner


Chu Linh – Coc San (11 & 29.7 MW)

Colben Energy (Vietnam) Joint Stock Company


Dong Chum 2 (9.2 MW)

Hoang Son Joint-stock Investment Power-Contruction Trade Company


Nam Dong 4 (6 MW)

Northern Eletrical Development Joint Stock Company No.3


Nam Hoa 2 (8 MW)

ANPHA Hydro Electric Investment Joint Stock Company


Nam Luc (24 MW)

ESACO Nam Luc Hydropower Plant Joint Stock Company


Nam Mo 3 (10 MW)

Nam Mo Hydro Power Joint Stock Company


Nam Toong (34 MW)

SAPA Hydro Power Electricity Joint Stock Company


Song Bung 2 (100 MW)

Song Bung 2 hydro power management board


Song Cho 2 (7 MW)

Song Cho Hydro Power Joint Stock Company


Srepok 4A (64 MW)

Buon Don Hydropower Joint Stock Company


Suoi Choang (4 MW)

MECO Electricity Development and Investment Joint Stock Company


Ta Loi 2 (10.5 MW)

Infrastructure Investment and Transportations Construction Joint Stock Company


Trung Son (260 MW)

Trung Son Hydro Power One Member Limited Company


Nam La (27 MW)

Tay Bac - Viwaseen Hydro Power Joint Stock Company